Yes, they will pass! Civil war in 24 tweets

Could the democracy of a European Union nation be in danger in the 21st century? Find the answer in this political and journalistic thriller that imagines a fiction that could seem more real than one would like to believe.

24 tweets, 24 hours, 24 people, 24 chapters... That tell how the destiny of a country changed.

On November 23, 2023, a shocking event takes place that completely changes the history of Spain. Some will call it "Coup d'état", others "Auto-coup d'état", but all will agree in defining it as "The 24-hour Spanish civil war".

Told through the testimonies collected by the journalist and researcher Juan Vega a year later, this document captures, in a terrifyingly plausible way, a fictional Spain that could well be the real one much sooner than the average citizen imagines.

Prepare to be surprised and open your eyes to a fictional journalistic-political thriller inspired by current events in Spain. Through 24 tweets, people and chapters, the author Xavier Marcé makes a fierce criticism of journalism, politics and current society, in what is possibly his most controversial novel.

'Yes, they will pass' is a fiction novel by the creator of the saga of 'The Mark of Odin' and 'The Stone Lotus' and is part of the 2nd Line of the XaviVerso, the literary universe of the author Xavier Marcé, where everything is connected.


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Readers give their opinion
Sergio González

This book is scary. It's scary because any similarity with reality is not a coincidence at all and it makes your hair stand on end because the more chapters you read, the more you realize that far from being fiction, it is closer to reality than most would like to admit. That is why in my opinion it is so important that people read it and draw their own conclusions about what could happen more easily than we imagine. History is there and too many times due to the decision of a few, their actions or even by luck, enormous tragedies have been avoided, whether it be a military officer who decided to check a nuclear alarm in case it was not real or a shooter who managed to kill a an archduke That is why this book is so relevant today and I hope everyone who reads it meditates on what is narrated here. - 10/21/2023

The keys to 23N

Penal Relief Law

This law approved in autumn 2023 by the Congress of Deputies allows the de facto amnesty of all those politicians, public officials and citizens involved in any crime or act carried out to promote the self-determination of Catalonia since 2012.

Degradation of journalism

Traditional journalism is considered dead. The major media no longer report freely, but are subject to economic and political interests. The citizen is oversaturated with some information, while others are silenced as dictated by the ordered script.

Law of Fraternity between regions

Also approved in autumn 2023 by the Congress of Deputies, this law introduces tools and formulas to allow self-determination referendums in the autonomous communities of Catalonia, the Basque Country and Galicia. It includes the conditions and deadlines for the separation of said regions.

Chronic crisis

Spain has been in a state of permanent chronic economic, social and cultural crisis for at least two decades. Added to this is the international situation with the war in Ukraine, the conflict in the Middle East and the increasingly notable foreign interference within the country.

Partitocratic Regime

The Partitocratic regime in Spain that allows political parties to be the absolute axis of control of Democracy has ended up generating numerous abuses and tensions after several decades. There is the awareness that the Parties are above everything and everyone.

Civil Society

More and more citizens are dissatisfied with the current situation in the country. Whether individually or collectively, they have begun to raise their voices demanding democratic cleansing. Independent informants, analysts and influencers stand out who sacrifice their time and image to share truthful information.

Characters from Yes, they will pass

In 'Yes, they will pass' readers will accompany the journalist and researcher Juan Vega, selected by the Truth Commission of the Constituent Assembly of Cádiz to compile key testimonies that shed light on the events that took place during 23N 2023.


Juan Vega
Journalist and researcher


His Majesty Fernando VIII
King of Spain


Antonio Pérez
President of Spain


Almirante Enrique Montalvo


Her Royal Highness Isabel de Borbón
Princess of Asturias


Ramón Hernández de Tena
President of the Constitutional Court


Carlos Lago Freire
Political leader


Luis Bermejo Contreras
Head of the Household of His Majesty the King

Xavier Marcé

Writer and editor, creator of XaviVerso, his transmedia literary universe in which all his books are connected. Veteran of the video game industry as Community Manager, responsible for communication, online marketing and business development. Pioneer in journalism specialized in online video games since 2000. Teacher in the training of new professionals in Community Management and online crisis management. Speaker of master classes on gamification, transmedia and independent publishing.