We tell you what type of book ‘Yes, they will pass’ is. Civil war in 24 tweets’

We have published a new video of ‘Yes, they will pass. Spanish Civil War in 24 tweets’ to explain what type of fiction book it is and give more details about its plot. We do so after having noted the controversy and controversy raised on social networks after the revelation of this novel. Some users understood that this book was non-fiction and that it had a direct relationship with the events that are currently taking place in Spain.

Are you wondering which book exactly is Yes, they will pass, Spanish civil war in 24 tweets?

It is a fictional thriller, this is important to be clear about. It is a fictional novel that, although it is inspired by current events, does not reflect real Spain, but rather an imagined one, which exists in the second line of the XaviVerso. That is, Yes, they will pass, takes place in the same timeline as the thriller The Stone Lotus. In fact, its plot takes place a few months after that of this book that connects Spain with Vietnam in a surprising way.

The main protagonist who acts as the story’s guiding thread is the journalist and researcher Juan Vega. He has been chosen as the main investigator of a commission that wants to present a year later all the points of view on the events that take place on November 23 in the fiction of this work.

That day a convulsive event occurred that some will call a coup d’état, others a self-coup d’état, but everyone will agree on calling it a 24-hour Spanish civil war.

Through 24 interviews, Juan Vega will offer different visions and testimonies of what happened, including his own version of being the protagonist that day in part of the action. Thus, through each interview, the reader will be able to reveal what really happened. For Juan Vega it is not about discovering a mystery, in the middle of 2023 everyone is clear about the events that took place thanks to thousands of recordings and publications. What is relevant to him is understanding the motivations and reasons of each of the relevant characters for acting as they did.

In the end, although the plot of Yes, they will pass can be worrying due to how plausible it is, given all the similar events that are taking place in real Spain, the message that the novel seeks to convey is one that is It focuses on making a great self-criticism of society, journalism and politics, in order to offer hope to the reader by telling them that, although everything seems lost, there is always an opportunity to fix things and improve.


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